A prayer for aunts and uncles

A prayer for aunts and uncles

Aunts and Uncles are important pillars in our life, and when their strength is waning or they’re not receiving all there is out of life, it can hurt us too. And in the direst situations, it may feel like there’s nothing that we can do to help, but some are comforted by sharing a quote about faith with their loved ones, and others find solace in offering prayer for their Aunts and Uncles who are sick or suffering. 

If you're looking for ways to ask for healing or to send messages of hope, the following prayer is the one that I have found to be the most poignant. Hopefully it'll bring your nearest and dearest some positivity, too.

Dear God

Thank you for giving me 

my loving aunts and uncles.

I pray that you watch over them

and always keep them safe.

The time we spend together

brings me happiness and joy.

I feel so many blessings from

their love and kind embrace.

I pray that they will always know

they are ever in my heart.

And I will always hold them close,

even when we are apart.


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