A prayer for inner strength

A prayer for inner strength

Many people are aware of the need for ongoing self-improvement. But often the emphasis is placed on external factors: physical fitness, acquiring skills to make yourself a stronger leader, or executive acumen. However, none of that will get you where you truly want to go without support from a strong inner core since the key to building external success actually comes from inside. We hope you can take care more in your inner person and know that God’s always with you on your journey. Whenever you feel that you need to strengthen yourself, ask and pray to God.


Dear God,

Please give me the strength 

to endure this situation, 

and to find the blessings 

and lessons that it contains.

Please give me the endurance to continue ahead 

Please guide my thoughts, words and actions, 

so that I walk your path of peace and love

In this holy name I pray, 

In the name of Jesus,


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