Powerful prayer for nurses during a global health crisis

Powerful prayer for nurses during a global health crisis

Nursing is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Being exposed to a lot of things, most nurses struggle to keep up with the stress and anxiety they experience at work. 

For some nurses, saying a prayer helps. It gives them hope and allows them to keep a positive attitude not just about work but their lives, too.

Here’s one of the most wonderful prayers for nurses.

Dear Lord,

As I care for my patients today, be with me.

Fill me with courage and understanding as I approach each one of them. Let me be a source of strength for everyone under my care and their families.

Bless me with knowledge, skills, and understanding so that I can provide the best care possible to my patients. Oh Lord, help me comfort them. Allow me to be a reflection of Your love.

And when I am starting to feel weary, be there for me. Help me remember the purpose of my vocation so that I may continue serving others.


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