Powerful prayer for your wife

Powerful prayer for your wife

Prayers are a vital part of our existence, it strengthens our faith in God, and gives us hope for a better life with Him. Without a doubt, we need God to survive and our families and friends should know this deeply. Sending prayer messages to them reminds them of God’s goodness and presence in their lives. Prayer for your wife is deeply inspiring and will get your love charged up for the new day.

Waking up every day to your good morning prayer wishes will put a smile on her face as she prepares to start her day. Even while at work, a simple good morning prayer text message will make her more optimistic about the days’ events that are yet to unfold. Testimonies abound to a heart that believes! So, send a good morning message of grace to your wife to build up her faith.

There are times when giving yourself a pep talk won’t be enough, a healthy dose of prayers can go a long way to strengthen your faith. 

Dear Jesus, 

I pray for my wife. Each day, teach me how to lay my life down for her and live in a way that glorifies You and her. Keep her healthy, Lord, and allow me to create space for her emotional, mental, and spiritual growth in a way that aids her health. Teach me how to build her up rather than break her down. I love You, God. Help me love her the way You love the church. 


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