Prayers for your family for strength and comfort

Prayers for your family for strength and comfort

Supporting and caring for our families is a major part of most of our lives. Whether your family includes children, a spouse, or extended family, you may feel the need to pray for those you are close to.

Praying for your family means bringing requests before God on their behalf and being thankful for answered prayer.

During the difficult times that many of us are now facing, you probably have many concerns regarding your family. You might be concerned about finances and being able to pay your bills on time. There may be health-related concerns that you need strength to face and deal with. Your concerns could include general fears about the safety of your family.

However specific or general your concerns may be, saying prayers for your family involves intervening on behalf of those who mean the most to you. Bringing your fears or concerns to God can bring you peace of mind and help you through difficult times. You may decide to pray silently or out loud. Sometimes speaking our concerns out loud is a good way to express our feelings.

The following is a powerful prayer for your family that can provide strength and comfort when trying to overcome adversity or just making it through the struggles of daily life. You can say these prayers individually or together as a family.

Dear Lord,

Our family comes before you asking for strength, comfort, and protection. As each of us goes about the daily routine in our lives we ask that you guide our every step. 

Go before us and make straight our paths. Give us the wisdom to make the right choices. Give us the strength to keep going when life becomes difficult. We will rest in who you are and that nothing is too difficult for you. We thank you for all you have done and will do for us.


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