Is December 25 really the day Jesus was born?

Is December 25 really the day Jesus was born?

For a long time, we have thought that December 25 is the day Jesus was born and there are many anecdotes and songs about Christmas.

However, this is actually just a date set up by the Roman Emperor Constantine I. The original date of December 25th was the feast day of the sun god Mithras. December 25 every year is the day with the longest night, in Rome people celebrate the return of the Sun, symbolized by a newborn baby. They also kill bulls and spread their blood throughout the fields to pray for the land to become more fertile and the crops to be better.

According to another source, the early Christians did not celebrate birthdays, because they believed that celebrating birthdays was following the custom of pagan idolatry. That is why they did not celebrate the birth of Jesus during the first three centuries. In the 4th century, Christians began to want to celebrate the birth of Jesus once a year, but were afraid of being discovered and persecuted by the Roman Empire, because at that time Christianity was still very popular. not yet recognized as a legitimate religion.

The Romans annually celebrated the "Feast of The SolInvictus" who brought light to the earth on December 25. Christians took this opportunity to celebrate the birth of Jesus. , bringing light and life to mankind (John 8:12) coincided with the Roman feast day of the "Sun God". Therefore, the Roman authorities did not discover that it was indeed the Christians who celebrated the birth of Jesus. By 312, Roman Emperor Constantine I had abandoned polytheism and adopted Christianity. He canceled the holiday celebrating the "Sun God" and instead celebrated the birthday of Jesus. In 354, Pope Liberus announced December 25 as the official date to celebrate the Nativity of Jesus. And it is kept to this day.

In fact, Jesus was born in March or April. According to the Bible, the day Jesus was born is April 17, 6 BC. In the work "The Davinci Code" by Dan Brown, it is said that God was born on March 26. Therefore, the concept of December 25th when Jesus was born is a mistake from before.

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