Satan - The fallen angel

Satan - The fallen angel

In Christianity, Satan is a fallen angel.

Satan was originally an angel but that all changed after just one fight!

The original meaning of Satan in Hebrew is "to obstruction, oppose", this is a character that appears long ago in the scriptures of the Abrahamic religions.

Satan is considered the oldest demon and appears in many countries. Another name for Satan is Lucifer in English. They also discovered the "devil's scripture" whose author is unknown and remains a mystery to this day.

In Christianity, Satan was originally an angel created by God - Lucifer, but due to rebellion against him, he was expelled from heaven. Then Satan became the ruler of the fallen angels. Satan has a cunning and cruel personality that makes it extremely scary.

Satan has no gender, neither male nor female. But often described as a male with a strong body, fierce face, and two sharp horns on the head. Satan has a roar like a lion, always lurking to swallow someone alive. Moreover, he is very clever and malicious (so he has the phrase "devil's plan").

Satan's strength is the ability to persuade, tricks help him fascinate many other angels as henchmen. He even tried to tempt God.

Satan also enters people and turns them into wicked people. In the Bible, Satan is said to be the cause of mental illness. Satan has a lot of supernatural powers, amazing transformations. His kingdom is in hell and Satan is the lord of evil.

Originally, Satan was an angel with the highest position after God, the most beautiful and powerful in heaven. But with a brazen and cunning personality, he did not follow God's will but quickly plotted nefarious ways to overthrow God.

In the book of Revelation, the war of Hell and Heaven is narrated by Gioan Baotixita, which is a war that takes place in heaven.

On one side is Satan and 1/3 of the rebellious angels with the other side is the angel Michael and the angels who are loyal to God.

Satan also states:

“I will enter the heavens, I will set up a throne above the stars of God. I will sit on the throne in the highest position on the highest peak of the holy mountain. I will rise above all the stars, I will make myself the greatest.”

And then a full-blown, ambitious Satan was defeated and sent to hell, where he became the real demon.

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