How to overcome challenges with Faith?

How to overcome challenges with Faith?

Life has many joys, but there are also many difficulties and challenges that we must always face. So how can we overcome those challenges? The following ways can help you 

Keep the truth in front of your eyes that Jesus is with you and for you, even in your struggle.

Actively surrender your anxieties and control of the situation to God via journaling and prayer.

Choose joy and faith in the storm.

1. Find some quiet time, alone

Grab your prayer journal and a pen and ask yourself: “What challenges am I facing today that feel like too much for me?

2. Now take the time to list out by hand all of those challenges

Whether this is three lines or three paragraphs or three pages. Fill up your page with your fears, anxieties, doubts– describe in detail your storm.

3. Next, take a moment to pray over each one, surrendering it to God

When I do this I pray things like, “God I’m so worried that I’m going to say the wrong thing in this situation and someone’s going to get hurt or upset at me. Give me wisdom to know what to say and when to be quiet. Give me peace. Help me to let go of people pleasing and perfect outcomes. Surround this conversation with your grace. Amen.”

4. Claim and pray the promises of God

If you know or can find a promise of God in Scripture that addresses that concern, you can also pray the Bible verse over your situation. Praying God’s Word is such a powerful practice!

You can find many promises of God in my Bible study 30 Days to Claiming the Promises of God and I teach a how to pray these over different situations as well in that study!

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