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It’s not always easy to pray and we don’t always want to do it. Prayer can be an even bigger challenge when we don’t know how to pray. However, you should not wonder whether your prayer words are good or not. Prayer is simply talking with God, it is our direct line of communication with Him. So enter the conversation with God and let him lead you in learning to pray.

Here are three steps to help you start your prayer with confidence.

1. Keep it simple

In some circles, prayer seems almost like a Christian competition of who’s more holy, spiritual, and more connected to God. It can seem impossible when we hold ourselves to other people’s standards. Thankfully, that’s not what prayer is about. Prayer doesn’t need to be complicated, fancy, or formal. Don’t worry about getting the words right or sounding as practiced or poetic as the prayers you hear in church. God wants to meet you where you are.

God values your presence more than your polished words.

At its core, prayer is simply aconversation with God. How would you greet a friend? What would you share about your day? What needs or concerns would you share with your friend? Start here in your conversation with God and let your relationship develop as you begin to deepen your prayers.

2. Do it often

Prayer isn’t meant just for Sundays or only in your hour of greatest need.

Prayer is meant to be woven into the fabric of your daily life.

Pray in the morning when you wake – give thanks to God for the day and pray over the day ahead. Pray throughout your day – ask God for guidance on decisions, ask forgiveness when you fall short, pray for the people you meet. Pray at the end of the day – review your day with God, give thanks for the blessings of the day, ask for God’s help where you’re facing trials.

The more you pray, the more comfortable you’ll become with prayer.Develop a habit of praying daily and let God begin his work in your heart.

3. Open your heart

Approach prayer with awilling and open heart.

There is one place where you can open your heart without risk — in the presence of God. The Lord is pure health and goodness. He will never condemn anyone who seeks his mercy and love.

God will use your time together to mold and shape your heart – but only when your heart is open and willing.

Prayer is where your relationship with God is formed and your faith forged.

God will use your time together to mold and shape your heart – but only when your heart is open and willing.

Finally, if you need a partner to make the beginning easier, in this blog we have “daily prayers” series with a new prayer everyday for reference:

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