Basic but meaningful gift ideas for Christian sisterships

Basic but meaningful gift ideas for Christian sisterships

The holidays are right around the corner, so it's time to get shopping. Buying gifts for your loved ones is the way you show them how much they are meant to you and how much they are important to you, especially buying gifts for your sisters.

Everyone always says: Having a sister is like having a built-in BFF — no matter how many little arguments you've gotten into, you can't help but run to her every time you have good news (or bad news) you want to share. Whether she's your big sis or little sis, getting her a thoughtful gift for her birthday, Christmas or just because will really let her know just how much you love and appreciate her.

When deciding on the perfect gift for your favorite Christian sis, think of the things she is most interested in that don’t really relate to faith and add a sprinkle of Jesus to it! Things such as mugs/tumblers, simple wall decor/wall art, intimate things like jewelry, comfortable bedding sets are available with Bible verses and other faith-inspired gifts like trendy clothes with unique Christian designs.

A thoughtful present that puts a Christian's faith front and center is always a good choice — no matter the occasion. Opt for something that will provide your sister with religious inspiration. Trust us! Your sister is going to appreciate and love them.

These Christian gifts will remind her that God is always there to provide comfort and strength when she needs it the most.

The options are endless. So, these are the best gifts for your Christian sister. She'll enjoy any of these inexpensive, but totally adorable finds.


If your sis is a WFH warrior, get her a new pair of leggings that are so comfy, she'll never want to change out of 'em. Whether she wears them while running miles or running errands, every girl needs a good pair of leggings.

These leggings are the ultimate in comfort as well as tummy control. They are versatile enough to be worn to the office with a conservative tunic or styled edgier for a night out, so your sister will love wearing them no matter what the occasion.

While fitness classes may look a little different in 2021 (a.k.a. they're all online), your sister still attends them regularly. And for squat-proof leggings, she's going to want a pair because of its comfort, and the fact that that pair of leggings is not see-through when you bend over. 

Best tops to wear (with leggings)

If she's all about the comfy life, get her a tank top or a soft sweatshirt that matches perfectly with leggings. 

A must-have tank top for the best combination in any of her fitness classes. Christian tank top and leggings combos are the perfect way to not only show off the curves in a comfortable and fashionable way but also express her faith. Exercising is loving herself and loving God.

Or a hoodie will keep her cozy inside on the couch or out and about.

If your sis hasn't gotten a set yet, gifting her one is a great idea, especially hanging outside in the chilly weather. She will love this matching set. Moreover, these tops come in a variety of designs so you can opt for a different look if it isn't her style.

You can take a look at our collection for more options here.


Your sister will be running around in these all spring/fall/winter long and honestly, probably summer, too. These practical and stylish shoes will keep her super comfortable while hanging out or doing exercise - another perfect match item with others above and cannot be missed out!


It is very common to see people using personal mugs or tumblers to take their favorite beverage with them when they are out and about. These make excellent gifts for your Christian sister because Christian women use these to broadcast their faith proudly wherever they go!

Whether your sis of faith chooses coffee or something healthier like water, these mugs/tumblers make the perfect sisters in Christ gifts for her on the go! The tumbler in her favorite color and chooses to either write her favorite Bible verses or thoughtful Jesus images.

Whether your sister is an athlete or just loves sweating it out at the gym, she should have the best water bottle to keep her hydrated. These drinkware are portable, versatile, durable, and well-designed. 

For more choices, visit our collection.

Blanket/Bedding Set

Keep your sis warm and cozy with beautiful Christian blankets. The Bible verse blanket is a reminder for you and for your sis to live up to God's will. A thoughtful gift for anyone you love. 

There are a lot of Bible verse blankets designs to choose from. From encouraging words & sayings, to quotes from the Bible and religious illustrations and graphics, this collection has it all. Browse through our collection, you will find your favorite Bible verses or life Scripture.

These blankets can relax and help calm anxiety. 


Nothing like a cute throw pillow to liven up any sofa, chair, or bed. Decorate your sis room or home with inspirational Christian throw pillows & Bible verse pillows and your sis will love the material and the unique faith-inspired designs of them. 

The word of God on the throw pillow will not only help her find strength, motivation and peace in her room daily but it could inspire her in life whenever she looks at. There are various designs to choose from, visit our collection.
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