Gift ideas for Christian moms - special women in our life

Gift ideas for Christian moms - special women in our life

Aren’t moms the best? Always there to give the support you need, always baking your favorite cookies, always thinking of others.

Even though we are getting older, our moms are still the biggest motivation and the most powerful encouragement for us to overcome any barrier of life.

Moms are good at giving more of themselves to help others, especially is Christian moms, who often make dinner for church members when there’s a family emergency. They organize Bible studies and childcare for others in the neighborhood. They volunteer for charities and organize fundraisers.

So, how do you find a way to thank this wonderful woman? What gift could possibly be good enough?

Fear not! We have curated a Christian gift guide that’s almost as fantastic as the Christian moms in your life. Take a look at the best religious gifts for mom for mother’s day, Christmas, her birthday or any special day!


You know your mom is worth more than money can buy. Gift her a delicate, sterling silver necklace and a thoughtful message which presents your deep-hearted thoughts or your blessing to her. With this special gift, mom will always be reminded that she is loved, is respectable and is a woman of God.

This gorgeous necklace will add to mom’s already classy appearance. 

As women, moms were made to give life. It’s in the very DNA of the way God designed them. 


Christian print - Mug

For the coffee-loving mom, a pretty mug with a shimmery script is the perfect gift. Not only can it handle a hefty amount of caffeinated goodness, but the inspirational message will also lift her up and give her the courage to get through the day. Let this Christian print - MUG do its job! 

In Jesus, I Trust - Steel bottle

Stay hydrated mom! And why wouldn’t she want to drink more water when she has a wonderful water bottle which is stainless steel, bluish ocean in color, and has a script that will remind mom of Jesus’ message: “Have faith! I will help you and take care of you”? Each sip of water is worthy.

In Jesus, I Trust Steel Bottle could be a perfect religious gift for the mom on the go. Whether she’s grabbing groceries, or heading out to Bible study, taking her coffee or tea along with her in this unique steel bottle will let her feel all the strength – of her inner self and of the caffeine. All the other moms in church will want one too!

Home decor

God Is Good - dove and lamb canvas

Wall art is a popular choice these days, and a canvas with its beautiful and inspirational image will be a perfect addition to any home. It will be hard for mom not to smile when she opens your gift and looks at this lovely piece. Mrs. Kelly Bloom, a daughter of a beautiful 55-year-old lady, said that: “My mother was really amazed by a Jesus canvas as a gift I bought for her. It wasn’t on any special day, I just saw it and thought that my mom would love it and actually, it is!”


Dandelion Quilt Blanket

Ending a day with prayer is a wonderful way to let go of stress and find peace before falling asleep. No matter what mom faced today, looking at a meaningful message on a comfortable blanket and snuggling in it will help her experience the true rest. She will feel the same comfort as she gave you when you were a child (and let’s be honest, the same comfort she gives you to this day). Dandelion Quilt Blanket can be great for reducing stress and anxiety. We recommend it for all moms, feeling comfortable and relaxed all night long.


Jesus Midi Dress

Mom is beautiful. Mom is kind. Mom is hardworking. Mom is patient. Mom is giving. Mom is tired. Mom is a hot mess. But that’s okay because Jesus loves her just as she is! Wearing Jesus Midi Dress with its message will make mom smile and feel confident.

Connect To God - Sweatshirt

Who wants to keep calm and press on, or drink tea, or eat cupcakes, or snuggle your cat… when you can keep calm and pray hard? Connect To God - Sweatshirt could be a good choice. A lightweight, super comfy sweater will wrap mom in both warmth and hope. Don’t ask if you can borrow it though. She’s not going to feel like parting with it!

Jesus print legging-yoga pants

Because of the pandemic, there was an athleisure boom last year. 

If mom could use another option to wear while working from home or running errands, but still expresses her religious belief, these Jesus print legging-yoga pants might make a good gift. They are nice and stretchy, perfect for Barre, Pilates, or dance cardio class (or just traveling to the local coffee shop). What about yoga? Would a yoga gift list really be complete without a pair of yoga leggings? Go for this cute and comfy pair, with a ton of unique and meaningful details. 

Jesus print footwear

Shoes/Sneakers are one of the best gifts for a number of reasons: For one, shoe sizes don't change even if someone got swole or shed a few pounds over the past 12 months. Also, with various options, finding a suitable pair for the special woman in your life is easier than ever.

Upgrade mom’s sneakers game with these super comfortable and versatile Jesus print footwear, these are the perfect, stylish shoes that mom will be proudly wearing everywhere she goes: Walk by faith, not by sight!

Technology accessories

Jesus iPhone case

Mom has probably been through a long list of phones and phone cases to go with them. But has she ever had a phone case that is inspirational? Jesus iPhone case with a bible verse printed could be an option. Give her a daily, maybe even hourly, reminder of all her God-given blessings – including yourself!

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Regardless of age, receiving a gift is always a pleasure. The above article is some suggestions for you to choose gifts for your grandma. Our website has many other unique gifts for you to choose from.

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