September 17, 2021 2 min read

Unique gifts for dads - none of which is another boring tie

Whether you’re celebrating your granddad, your dad, or your favorite “zaddy,” you may need some gifting inspiration. Sure, your dad may firmly insist, “I don’t want anything,” but we all know that doesn’t mean you can skip the holiday. Even if you can’t pull it out of him, you can still get your dad something he’ll appreciate. Send him one of these great, we-recommended gifts for dads—none of which is another boring tie.

Hanging Ornament

Your father, who used to drive for hours to drop you off to school, who is no longer fit to drive hundreds of kilometers, but loves to travel on the roads. Love his car. Please give him this Hanging Ornament as a thank you to him. With God's protection on the roads. This is a great choice, an amazing gift for your Dad.

Tailgate wrap

Still a gift for the dad who loves to drive, has a cool pickup truck. For someone who loves mobility and wants to redecorate their car at a reasonable price, the Tailgate Wrap is a perfect choice. It can both refresh the car and make it more eye-catching. Try to surprise your dad with this unique gift.


A phone case will probably be a suitable gift for younger people. But that doesn't mean it's not an impossible gift for your dad. You may still be skeptical about this, but give the Jesus saves phone case to your dad and see his reaction. Don't be limited in thinking what to give the elderly because maybe what we like is also what they want.


A cross keychain is a perfect choice for a Catholic dad. It is both masculine and strong so that your father can put in any key such as a house key, car key... Every time he uses it, he will feel so happy and proud. It's not a big gift, but it's sure to make him love it.

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Regardless of age, receiving a gift is always a pleasure. The above article is some suggestions for you to choose gifts for your dad. Our website has many other unique gifts for you to choose from.