September 15, 2021 3 min read

Which Christian books should you read in 2021? 

We have put together a list of books for you to consider reading this year. Although you may not be able to read every book in 2021, they are books for you to keep on your radar as the year goes by.

Hope in Times of Fear: The Resurrection and the Meaning of Easter by Tim Keller

Tim Keller is one of our favorite authors. We have learned so much from his writings, sermons, and interviews. In this book, Keller writes about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and how the resurrection provides hope for believers. This is definitely a book to keep on your radar.

How to Fight Racism: Courageous Christianity and the Journey Toward Racial Justice Jemar Tisby

Tisby’s first book, The Color of Compromise, was quite successful, selling over 100,000 copies since its release in 2020. Tisby looks to make another splash with the release of his second book, How to Fight Racism. This is a needed resource for obvious reasons. When we talk about racism, one question people often ask is, “What can I do?” Well, now we have a book that tells us.

Providence by John Piper

We heard Justin Taylor say on multiple occasions that this is John Piper’s magnum opus— significant words for a prolific author who has made weighty contributions to the field of evangelical Christian publishing. This 700+ page book is, in the words of D.A. Carson, “perhaps his most important book so far.” Providence is one of my favorite doctrines, and it’s hard to imagine a better candidate to write on the subject than Piper.

Partners in the Gospel: 50 Meditations for Pastors’ and Elders’ Wives by Megan Hill

This looks like a good book for a pastor to read together with his wife. Hill’s writing is polished, and she herself is a pastor’s wife.

When Prayer Is a Struggle: A Practical Guide for Overcoming Obstacles in Prayer by Kevin Halloran

This is the debut book for Kevin Halloran who seeks to help Christians overcome obstacles in prayer. The title is intriguing. It’s hard not to relate to struggling in prayer, at least at some point in your Christian life.

God of All Things: Rediscovering the Sacred in an Everyday World by Andrew Wilson

A beautiful cover design. Wilson wants his readers to fixate on God not only on Sundays but all throughout the week in the ordinary, everyday things of life.

Work That Makes a Difference by Daniel Doriani

This book is the follow-up volume to Doriani’s first book on the subject aptly titled, Work. His advice was extremely helpful. It’s a sweet gift that we have first-hand benefited from his ideas on work, but others can do the same through his books.

Walking Through Fire: A Memoir of Loss and Redemption by Vaneetha Rendall Risner

This is a memoir from Vaneetha Rendall Risner who has endured a tremendous amount of suffering.

Gospelbound: Living with Resolute Hope in an Anxious Age by Collin Hansen and Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra

There are many fears living as a Christian in the 21st century — fears like attacks on the church, attacks on higher Christian education, and so on. How are Christians able to stay focused on honoring God with these increased pressures? This is, in part, what the authors of this volume set out to answer in Gospelbound. With everything going on in society, we won’t be surprised to see more and more books like this one.

40 Questions About Pastoral Ministry  by Phil Newton

This looks like a good book to get for pastors. It’s part of the 40 Questions Series by Kregel.

Hope you enjoy checking out these Christian books!

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