20 best Christian movies on Netflix that will leave you feeling inspired in 2021

20 best Christian movies on Netflix that will leave you feeling inspired in 2021

Sometimes picking a good movie that's appropriate for the whole family can be downright tricky. While there’s a time and place for scary movies, laugh-out-loud funny flicks, and dramatic stories on the big and small screens, their content can sometimes be—well, let's just say—questionable. That's why we've rounded up these best Christian movies on Netflix in 2021. They are appropriate (score!), inspirational (double score!), and are sure to be entertaining for the whole crew, kids and adults alike. Now how's that for a successful family movie night?!

While some movies on this list are actual retellings of biblical stories, others are about embracing or fiercely fighting for your faith. Good life lessons abound, like paying it forward to help others in need, overcoming tough obstacles, achieving your dreams, and just simply being a kind person. Besides the feel-good content we can't get enough of, we would argue that the other best part about this roundup is that you can stream them all on Netflix!

Get started with these best Christian movies on Netflix for some inspiring screen time. And if you burn through all the titles here (as well as best Bible movies), check out the best classic kids' movies out there for both children and adults to enjoy.

1. Freshman Year

After CJ graduates high school and moves to college, this preacher's son's beliefs are challenged every step of the way.

2. Change in the Air

Screenwriter Audra Gorman tells the captivating story of a quiet new neighbor (played by Rachel Brosnahan of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel fame) who these small-town folks just can't quite figure out. But one thing's for sure—they will never be the same after knowing her.

3. Greater

Brandon's biggest dream in life is to be a football player for the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. Sports-lovers will be especially enthralled with this true story that follows him through the grit and grind that leads him to fulfilling his dream.

4.The Young Messiah

Experience the dramatic story of Jesus and his parents, Mary and Joseph, as you never have before—from the perspective of the 7-year-old savior.

5. The Healer

Meet down-on-his-luck Alec, whose uncle has coined him "the disgrace of the family." He gets a chance to start anew, but must agree to move abroad to Nova Scotia, where a misleading ad in the local paper guides Alec to discover that he has inherited a special family gift.

6. Good Sam

A reporter investigates a good Samaritan who’s leaving bags of money for people all around New York.

7. Wish Man

It takes a near-death experience and meeting a sick little boy for a cop to realize his life's purpose. Knowing this tear-jerker is based on true story makes it even more heart-wrenching.

8. Walk. Ride. Rodeo.

An up-and-coming rodeo star’s plans for success are thwarted after she’s paralyzed from a car accident. But with help from her mother, she soon rides again.

9. Full Count

When a promising future lies ahead for a college baseball player but then everything falls apart—from a death in the family to legal troubles and more—he learns that faith will lead you home.

10. An Interview With God

A journalist gets an interview with a man claiming to be God, and his faith and views on religion are forever changed.

11. The Gospel of Matthew

Watch this first-ever, word-for-word series of Gospel stories back to back or over several days. In these unedited movie adaptations, biblical writings of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John come to life. This series is rated TV-14, so parents with small children are strongly cautioned.

12. The Gospel of Mark

Mark's Gospel is well-known for telling the story of Jesus as an adult. This particularly breath-taking movie adaptation is celebrated for its historical accuracy.

13. The Gospel of Luke

This 3.5-hour re-enactment brings Luke's Gospel to life.

14. The Gospel of John

This moving adaptation from John's point of view recounts his stories of Jesus's life.

15. Big Miracle

Inspired by true events, this story follows a reporter who teams up with the U.S. and U.S.S.R. to rescue whales trapped in the Arctic Circle.

16. Rock My Heart

A girl with a heart defect and a horse that can’t be tamed connect and train for the race of a lifetime.

17. Like Arrows

Two new parents navigate the ups and downs of having children, and discover how God plays a part in their family.

18. God's Not Dead

A pastor fights for his church to remain on a university campus, whose leaders want to push the congregation away.

19. God Bless the Broken Road

A woman’s life is forever changed after her husband is killed in combat and she must figure out how to raise her daughter and keep her faith.

20. Come Sunday

Starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Oscar-nominated star of 12 Years a Slave, Come Sunday is based on renowned fundamentalist preacher Carlton Pearson who, having saved many others throughout the years, experiences a personal crisis of faith.

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